Transmitter ideal solution for sensing vibration

Transmitter  ideal solution for sensing vibration

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The transmitter is part of our product line in the category Electric Generators and Motors Transmitters subcategory.

The precision vibration sensor and signal conditioner into a single, integrated package to provide years of dependable service. They are an ideal solution for sensing vibration on most plant equipment.

The acceleration and velocity measurement transmitters fitted with direct interface with PLC, DCS and monitors of 4-20 mA. Its compact size allows installation in tight places.

The 4-20 mA transmitter is proportional to acceleration. These transmitters have a more stable detection circuit available due to built-in protection against shocks and high-precision temperature in the low frequencies of preventing the "ski slope" problem.


• Loop terminals w / Independent Polarity (IPT ). Prevents incorrect wiring.

• Interfaces with PLC, DCS, 4-20 mA monitors, etc.

• Increased operating temperature available.

• Loop-powered.

• Most stable detection circuit available.

• Hermetically sealed.

• Includes temperature shock protection.

• "Ski slope" problem of protection.

• 4-20 mA proportional to acceleration.

• 4-20 mA proportional to velocity.

Cotice: Transmitter ideal solution for sensing vibration

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