Machine Condition Monitor frequency of 125 ms

Machine Condition Monitor frequency of 125 ms

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Machine Condition Monitor

The machine condition monitor is part of our product line in the category and the subcategory Machinery Universal Testing Machines.

This monitor machine status protects your valuable assets of the plant degradation and catastrophic failure, has signal conditioning of high quality with a sampling frequency of 125 ms.

Regardless of how many channels the machine condition monitor also features a high-resolution color touch screen interface, the register of historic events and the ability of a board of review.

Data can be manually or automatically connected to removable storage media. Remote data archive and integration into plant-wide data networks are obtained via FTP (file transfer protocol) and Modbus / TCP.


• Vibration trends.

• Color Display.

• Touchscreen.

• Event logging.

• Data Storage.

• All items every 125 milliseconds.

• The screen graphical user configurable option.

• Customize the display of graphics available.

• 3 to 27 output relays with adjustable time delays.

• Ethernet 10-Base-T, Modbus TCP.

• RS 485 Modbus RTU Master / Slave.

• Full remote access software capabilities.

• Safe usage, engineering and administration. levels levels.

• 6 to 48 inputs including TC & RTD.

• removable flash memory.

• From the front panel USB port.

Cotice: Machine Condition Monitor frequency of 125 ms

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