Mechanical Switch

Mechanical Switch

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Mechanical Switch

The mechanical switch is part of our product line Flow Meters category and subcategory level flow switches.

This switch is designed to meet all requirements for mechanical switches in a single, affordable package. This unit provides financial protection for vibrations from low to medium speed machines.

An inertia sensitive mechanism of action activates a switch with SPDT output contacts if the vibration exceeds an adjustable set point, contacts can be used to activate an alarm or start the computer off.

The housing is weatherproof with the qualification of a danger zone optional. Electrical (remote) restoration with the launch delay time and a second set of output contacts to accommodate the needs SPDT DPDT (for example, separate trip and trip light circuits) are available.


• Meets all requirements for mechanical switches in one package.

• Local and Remote Reset optional startup delay.

• Ratings of risk of severe weather and choice of area.

• SPDT and SPST output contacts switch.

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