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The agitator is part of our product line category of Aeration and Agitation Agitators subcategory.

In manual mode, the level of vibration test and the test frequency can be adjusted from 10 Hz to 10,000 Hz, sensitivity mode, the channel 803, not only vibrates the transducer under test, but also measures of its production and calculates the output sensitivity.

The shaker has a built-in display reads the output sensitivity, which can be stored in memory, complete test sequences and data can be stored in memory for each sensor to the test, and a built-in printer logs or field data stores it for later.

The agitators have a port and the data transfer program are standard, and ASCI data files are easily transferred to a computer. Transducers for analysis of heavy or high frequencies, automatically corrects the calculation of sensitivity to the effects of the bulk transducer. It also measures and displays the phase of the transducer, which is important in balancing applications. A built-in Self Test program verifies the accuracy of the calculations.


• Current precision vibration tester: the true and accurate test of vibration sensors.

• NIST Reference traceable calibration: high level of accuracy of calibration.

• variable frequency and adjustable vibration amplitudes: fast set for all conditions of vibration.

• Battery operated: the ability to take to the field calibration.

Cotice: Agitator

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