Shaker Tests Used for 25 to 10000 Hz

Shaker Tests Used for 25 to 10000 Hz

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Shaker Tests Used for 25 to 10.000 Hz

The agitator is part of our product line category of Aeration and Agitation Agitators subcategory.

These agitators are used in tests 25 to 10,000 Hz, the shaker offers adjustable frequency and adjustable vibration level.

This provides a reference source to verify the accuracy of vibration transducers, connectors, cables and instruments and instrumentation systems.

To find intermittent cables or loose connections, the tests in the frequency range 500 Hz to 2000 Hz is usually necessary. The agitator has a sturdy suspension system that can support heavy transducers (up to 750 grams) that require testing in a horizontal direction rather than the normal vertical direction.

This additional support makes this shaker a good choice for heavy use in the field, has a built in battery charger that can operate at 120 or 240 VAC.


• Current precision vibration tester: the true and accurate test of vibration sensors.

• NIST Reference traceable calibration: high level of accuracy of calibration.

• variable frequency and adjustable vibration amplitudes: fast set for all conditions of vibration.

• Battery operated: the ability to take to the field calibration.

Cotice: Shaker Tests Used for 25 to 10000 Hz

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