Vibration Monitor

Vibration Monitor

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Vibration Monitor

Vibration Monitor is part of our product line in the category and the subcategory Machinery Universal Testing Machines.

The vibration monitor their machines with a vibration meter of this compact and easy to handle, these economic units is ideal for obtaining field measurements of vibration of the machine, pressing the button activates the unit.

A reading of vibration is obtained by simply holding the monitor then the tip of the probe against the machine and observe the reading on the LCD display. Comparisons to a graph of the intensity of vibration indicate the conditions of acceptance.

Holding down the ON button to "freeze" the reading of vibration such that the unit can be removed from the test point without losing the reading. Releasing the button returns the unit to normal operation. A symbol appears on the LCD display when the battery is low. The instrument case is made of high impact polymer. A box with belt and battery are included. Optional accessories include a 10 "extension of the probe for areas of difficult access and a real fork shaft for measuring vibrations of the shafts exposed.


• Accurate, electric accelerometer sensor Peize.

• rapid vibration readings.

• Includes "reading hold" feature.

• The auto power off prolongs battery life.

• Intrinsically safe for hazardous areas.

• 9V battery included.

• True RMS velocity response.

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