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The pump is part of our product line of pumps and accessories category subcategory Pumps, Accessories.

These pumps are up to 465 GPD at 350 psi, all moving parts operate in an oil bath to ensure the long life of the pump, its robust design provides highly reliable chemical measuring flows up to 350 psi.

All moving parts operate in an oil bath, greatly reducing friction and wear of the pump ensure long life. Choose between manual or automatic control models to best suit your application needs.

This pump is automatic control of pumps have a 1725-rpm, TENV motor. Choice of setting the speed of adjustment speed manual or automatic with a 4-20 mA signal from a flow meter or other device. Make manual adjustments to the pump on or off for convenience. The manual adjustment of stroke length and 4-20 mA signal input combine to provide a ratio of 100:1 turndown.

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