Leak detector

Leak detector

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Leak detector

The water leak detector is part of our product line, category subcategory Instrumentation Water Leakage Detectors-

The leak detector is affordable and simple to use, how to select Notch filter noise suppression, combines advanced electronic amplification and filtering with high performance acoustic sensors so you can locate and repair leaks quickly and easily-

The water leak detector has new advantages that allows independent suppression of external noise interference is doing, allowing you to select the tone you want for the noise of the leak

The NOTCH filtering system and high quality audio headphones gives you an advantage when the bad drivers detecting leaks in pipes like PVC, concrete, cement, and under all types of soils

This detector has a touch pad in full along with a digital display easy to read even for novices in leak detection. The digital display is also lit for places where there is little ambient light. The advanced microprocessor lets you enlarge the sounds weak detections in non-metallic pipes or those in a position to buffer is also designed to reject most loud sounds such as wind, engines and traffic.

Water leak detector standard, comes with a large microphone stand for leaks under asphalt or concrete, and an electrode isophone for when direct contact with the pipe or valve can be activated.

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