Foot Valve

Foot Valve

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Foot Valve

The foot valve is part of our product line, category subcategory Valves Foot Valves.

The foot valve is affordable and reliable, when considering the performance, reliability and cost of ownership, high definition PlantPRO pumps are the value leaders. HD pumps are designed to handle a variety of service requirements of industrial water and wastewater plants.

Chemical contamination and leakage are removed by our mechanically actuated diaphragm design. Valves are easily replaceable as a unit to save time. A locking mechanism maintains the precision movement of the configuration of a stroke. The pumps are housed in a housing greased, closed for almost wear-free operation.


The foot valve, injection with the pen and the pipes are not included and must be ordered separately. Be sure to choose the correct size of valve and pressure relief valve back pressure.

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