Quiet Fan

Quiet Fan

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3006 5HP Quiet Fan

The fan noise is part of our product line in the category Security Fans subcategory.

This fan is quiet easy maintenance, has rotary blower packages are a great option for facilities with nearby offices or residential homes, quiet fan operation reduces complaints about noise, noise levels may not exceed 85 dBA even under the most demanding operating conditions.

The fans are quiet reliable and cost, are designed for continuous service stations and treatment plant have a 6-gal-box enamel coated metal, assembling the panels required additional cash. In captivity, hand-turn fasteners provide easy access enclosure for maintenance and lubrication, so you do not have to worry about lost hardware. Fork truck pockets below the base to allow easy transport and placement.

You can be sure that your fan is of the highest quality, all packages are built in their manufacturing facilities ISO 9001 certified quality assurance system. Each unit is factory tested before shipment and covered by a factory warranty for 18 months after installation, not exceeding 24 months after shipment.

Each fully assembled blower package includes:

Competitor Plus fan, 230/460 V, 3-ph electric motor with 1.15 service factor, V-belt drive with 1.4 service factor, belt guard and automatic tensioner, intake air filter with indicator restriction filter, pressure relief valve, relief valve, discharge pressure gauge, integral base with discharge silencer, lockable steel box with vents and cooling fan.

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