Reverse Osmosis Purifier

Reverse Osmosis Purifier

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Reverse Osmosis Purifier

The reverse osmosis purified belongs to our product line, category subcategory Reverse Osmosis Reverse Osmosis.

The purifier reverse osmosis filtration has full 4-stage RO filtration with UV post inside the storage tank, not pressurized, water accumulates in a non-pressurized tank. It requires only one pump with pressure of 1.5 bars is enough to supply water. The flow ratio of the membrane will be higher and water usage is reduced by more than 20%.

The reverse osmosis purifier has a powerful 16W UV lamp installed inside the tank, the UV lamp is controlled by the PCB for frequency, avoiding the potential for organic contamination in the tank. In the case that the UV lamp did not work the system alerted the purpose of use with an audible alarm. The lifespan of the UV lamp is 6 years.

This reverse osmosis purifier 9 liters of water accumulates, water is pumped out by an electronic pump providing a stable flow rate of 1.5 l / min. From 1 to 9 per liter, the lifetime of the membrane purifier is 3 to 5 years because it incorporates an automatic self-cleaning system controlled by the frequency pcb equipment, added post filter control that stabilizes PH the water pH between 7 and 7.5 making the water healthier and in better taste.

Reverse osmosis purifier has a water leak detector, which in the case there is water leakage immediately stops the water supply by closing the inlet valve electro. Activate an audible alarm to warn of end use, add a TDS meter to measure the quality of water produced, in the event that an alarm will increase for end use, has the possibility of programming the cartridge life warning the consumer of the necessity of changing them.

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