Leak Detectors

Leak Detectors

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The leak detector is part of our product line, category subcategory Instrumentation Water Leakage Detectors.

The leak detector is affordable, rugged and easy to use, has a filter mode provides noise suppression, combines advanced electronic amplification and filtering with high performance acoustic sensors so as to locate and repair leaks faster and easier.

The fishermen have a new feature that allows the removal of a sound independent, outside interference, allowing you to selectively adjust the desired leak noise. The notch filter and high quality headphone audio gives you an advantage when detecting sound bad drivers such as PVC pipes, cement pipes and under all types of land.

The leak detector is an all-touch keyboard with easy to read digital display enables even the novice to become fluent in leak detection, digital display is also backlit for low light situations. The advanced microprocessor enables the improvement of weaker sounds such as metal pipes or those in noise-dampening conditions, is also designed to reject strong interfering noises like wind, motors and traffic.

Cotice: Leak Detectors

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