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The incubator is part of our product line in the category subcategory Laboratory Incubators, Laboratory.

This incubator refrigerator was specially designed for laboratory use may be in many numbers BOD test with a very large internal space of 20 cubic ft and 6 trays.

This incubator can store 300 standard BOD bottles, has a microprocessor for control, radio buttons, protection at low and high temperature and a digital readout easy to read. The calibrations can be processed from the front panel using a very simple procedure.

The door of the incubator is about mechanical seals and a great protection that allows a uniform temperature between -5 ° c and 20 º c. The door of the incubator can be secured using a key to restrict access to the incubator.

Warranty: 1 year. Includes 3 meter electrical cable for connection.


• Temperature Range: -10 º C to 50 º C.

• Uniformity of the temperature to 20 º C: + / - 0.5 º C.

• Chamber Capacity: 300 standard BOD bottles.

• Chamber dimensions: 20.5 "W x 57" H x 20 "deep.

• Exterior dimensions: 27.5 "W x 75" H x 26 "deep.

Cotice: Incubator

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