Flow Totalizer for Implementation

Flow Totalizer for Implementation

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Flow Totalizer for Implementation

The Flow Totalizer for applications is part of our product line of machinery and equipment category subcategory Flow Meter.

The Flow Totalizer for applications is ideal for monitoring applications print stream daily / weekly total flow in the graph, complete table entry in up to four colors, clear, crisp and long lasting graphics.

The flow totalizer for application you can quickly and easily configure it to meet your specific needs. Its fully configurable from the front panel keypad and intuitive input using a simple routine English instructions.

With the totalizer configure parameters such as speed of paper, which will, pen and instrument calibration, input types, annotation, mathematical functions and the channel and tote labels. The settings are retained in EEPROM and asset variables are kept up to a month. Operator functions are independent of password-protected configuration.

The 20 bright character vacuum fluorescent display is very visible in all lighting conditions and is designed to communicate valuable information that can instantly recognize. The process variables are displayed with labels in the engineering unit. Alphanumeric label names can be up to 16 characters in length for easy recognition.

This recorder uses a print head multi-point text that is printed right on the graph, including securities of channel, time scales and tote date values as the specific flow channel right in alphanumeric format table, you can also track up to six innings in four colors. If you've ever tried to read the black and white prints, printing of lower quality.

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