Dosing Systems

Dosing Systems

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Dosing Systems

The dosing system is part of our product line, category subcategory Chemicals Polymers, Dispensers.

Dosing systems are feeders tablets are completely dry chemical dosing systems for water and wastewater treatment, these feeders are designed to handle peak flows of up to 200,000 gpd.

Standard units are installed on the degree, online or in the contact tank of a water treatment system or sewage. Each unit has four mounting feet that accept 3 / 8 "diameter bolts. All inflow feeder channels compressed into one or more adjustable input screens.

The inlet baffle is adjustable from 1 "to 3-1/2" H, the increased inflow baffle increase chemical dosage. Units are available with an adjustable exit door lock for maximum operational control. These adjustable gates that lead to reduced water flow through the feeder thus increasing the contact time of tablets.

The tablet feeder is supplied with 1 interchangeable ", 2" and 3 "plates making dam. Each unit has a 4" or 6 "diameter openings that accept Sch 40 PVC piping, the units are available for burial direct up to 48 "below grade.

These units are completely encased pipes and let you bury the food so that the tops of the tubes are the only thing showing. A remote system for the removal of the tube that comes with these units lets you easily remove the tubes.

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