Pressure valve

Pressure valve

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Pressure valve

The pressure valve is part of our product line in the category Valves Pressure Valves subcategory.

This flap valve is highly reliable with low cost, improved performance and accuracy of measurement of the pumps.

Pressure valves are affordable to improve the overall performance of chemical feed systems. By applying continuous pressure back to the feed pump chemicals, and acting as an anti-siphon valve, these valves to improve performance and accuracy of measurement of the pumps.

Valves are preset at 50 psi with pressure adjustments, adjustable maximum for best performance, install as close to the injection point as possible and set the valve 15 psi greater than the pressure of the system, construction of PVC , NPT (F) connections and Teflon / EPDM membranes. Other sizes and materials available through special order, call for details.

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