Solid Crusher

Solid Crusher

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Solid Crusher

The pressure valve is part of our product line of machinery and equipment category subcategory Solid crushers.

The solid garbage prevents the binding of cloth, plastic or other foreign objects in pumps, is a proven element in hundreds of applications has an installation manual easy to follow.

The mill has a design that consists of a single motor column, prevents clogging of pumps due to rags, plastic or other foreign object has a field proven in thousands of applications, easy to follow installation manual.

The solid grinder is widely recognized for its high quality design and reliable, the cutting action is perfect for mounting in line with a sludge pump, reduce the size of solids, such as rags or wood that protects the pump and ensures that the process is active.

The design of the solid grinder motor consists of a single axis of rotation of a head, which contains tungsten carbide tip cutting edges running against a hardened tool steel, the mill contains 15 mm size of the holes that allow flow through.

As the solids pass through these holes, the large pieces of wood or plastic are pushed into these holes and where the chips into small pieces that are small enough to pass through the holes and can be pumped, has a unique aspect is that the tungsten carbide tip cutting is in contact with him, which means you never have to adjust, in addition, these cutters can be replaced without disconnecting the suction and discharge pipes.


• Input / output: 4 "flat face flange.

• HP: 3.

• GPM: 200.

• Width: 16.54 ".

• Height: 48.25 ".

• Depth: 10.25 ".

• Weight (lbs): 595.

Cotice: Solid Crusher

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