Regenerative Blower 5 hp

Regenerative Blower 5 hp

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Regenerative Blower 5 hp

The blower is part of our product line, category Aeration and Agitation on the subcategory Aerator.

This blower is a compact ventilation especially designed for continuous use with low maintenance and quiet, all regenerative blowers provide clean, oil free and smells, a non-high-pressure switch and filter backwash aeration treatment plants wastewater.

These aerators operate under OSHA 85 dBA without insonizadora camera, camera is available in fiberglass insonizadora possible to protect your computer from inclement weather and to reduce noise, especially important in areas where noise-making significance.

Blowers strap connecting the blower motor to have certain advantages: First, these teams use T engines include high-horsepower engines from one phase motors are not available with direct drive models. In addition V-strap provides flexibility to adjust the blower to find specific requirements.

Technical aspects of the team: 5HP, 3PH, 208-230/460V.

Cotice: Regenerative Blower 5 hp

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