Metering Pump

Metering Pump

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Metering Pump

The metering pump is part of our product line of pumps and accessories category subcategory Metering Pumps.

The metering pump has a new diaphragm design assures leak-free operation 1800:1 turndown, 4-20 mA input control available.

Metering pumps offer output to 6.7 gph and maximum pressure of 150 psi, double check valve assemblies, suction ball and completing discharge feature precision ball guides and tapered seats to fully ensure the balls seat with each stroke for rapid maturation.

The high speed operation up to 360 beats per minute and support dual effect taking extended diaphragm life. A high compression ratio ensures adequate food, especially with chemicals that the gas discharge as sodium hypochlorite. The 1800:1 turndown provides flexibility through a range of applications and an improved membrane design ensures leak free operation.

The pulse and stop function control input / output and input pre-stop, pulse multiplication and division (1 to 9999), fixed or scalable analog input control (4-20 mA) and the screen flow . Pumps accept the power sensor to verify proper food. Program pumps stop, go or send an alarm. 12 VDC can lead to a water meter Hall effect.

Includes: injection valve, foot valve, 20 'of tubing, ceramic weight and a 5-pin DIN connector for analog input signals or digital. Repair Kits include the diaphragm, valve guides, seats and gaskets, control the ball and O-rings.

The bombs that ends in AC include integral automatic air conditioning vents. Pumps ending with VCM include multifunctional valve for anti-siphon, back pressure, air vent and pressure relief. VC ends pumps include manual air vent valve. 2-year warranty on all parts.

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