Pump Size

Pump Size

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Pump Size

The pump area belongs to our product line of Pumps and Accessories category of the sub-surface pumps.

The surface pump has a capacity of up to 432 GPD and pressure to 900 psi, PVC and materials available, the pumps are designed for long life, precise control and ease of maintenance. The adjustment variable oil bypass time allows better performance on the design variable valve linkage. Discovered ratio is 10:1.

All pumps have a surface 1 / 3 HP, 1 phase, 115 VAC, 60 Hz, TEFC motor with automatic thermal overload function. 500-E Series pumps use hydraulic diaphragm. Pump speed is controlled in increments of 1% by a line micrometer. Under constant conditions, these pumps are rated at 1% accuracy.

Pumps with model numbers ending in N5 have 1 / 2''NPT, and pump model numbers ending in N3 is 3 / 8''de NPT suction and discharge ports. The motor has a junction box for electrical outlet. Accessories such as nozzles, piping, foot valves, and pipes are not included but can be found in this catalog section.

Repair kits for either PVC or suction pumps, and SS is the cartridge wastegate valve seat and valve cap O-rings, and diaphragm. Repair kits are sold separately from the pumps.

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