Slow Speed Mixer

Slow Speed Mixer

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Slow Speed Mixer

The low speed meter belongs to our product line category of Aeration and Agitation Mixers subcategory.

The low-speed mixer is designed for use with polymers or other high viscosity fluids, gear drive mixers.

The most powerful mixer for mixing applications more difficult, grease filled gearbox eliminates oil seal and the possibility of oil contamination of process.

These mixers have no claws to fall, wear or replace. 316 SS propellers and shafts are standard. Plaza de release 1.0 servings per propellers are used exclusively. The flow coefficients and power consumption characteristics are equal to those of the best designs of impeller. A vibration-absorbing pad is standard.

The motors are totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC). Engine Covers are made of cast aluminum. Gears run in grease lubrication and can not leak oil. All JG mixer shaft bearings in the series are permanently lubricated. Mixers are designed to be wired and do not include a power cord.

Mixer features a mounting clip.

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