Reverse Osmosis Homecare

Reverse Osmosis Homecare

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Reverse Osmosis Homecare

Reverse osmosis home belongs to our product line, category Reverse Osmosis subcategory  Reverse Osmosis Homecare.

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Reverse osmosis home has a low pressure RO system can operate with 1.5bar inlet pressure of water, "no bomb" require, UV lamp 16W adjustable time and frequency of operation. UNIT LOW WATER CONSUMPTION. Is it safe 60% of wastewater.


  • Stage 1: Pre-filtration PP 5 microns.
  • 2nd Stage: GAC Pre-filtration.
  • Stage 3: reverse osmosis membrane 75 GPD.
  • Stage 4: UV 16w deposit in the store.
  • Stage 5: PH remineralise filter checkpoint.

Reverse osmosis has:

  • Output: Up to 275 L 275 L / day (RO membrane 75GPD).
  • UV lamp inside the storage tank.
  • PCB UV control, UV control PCB.
  • Automatic leak detector.
  • Lifetime UV: 5 years.
  • Automatic washing of the membrane.
  • Do not pressurize the water storage tank: 9L.

The packaging of home reverse osmosis is 1 carton packaging unit 1, dimension of carton is 480x300x 530mm GW / NW: 15 kgs/13.5.

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Cotice: Reverse Osmosis Homecare

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