ASFA S Clamp w2

ASFA S Clamp w2

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ASFA-S Clamp w2

The clamp ASFA-S w2 belongs to our listings of products in the category plumbing pipes and fittings of the sub-clips.

ASFA-S Clamp Features w2:

The edges of the bracket are rounded to protect from cuts in the hose, has a tape coined that allows a perfect clamping the screw through a jagged depth greater than the thickness of the material, a unique head design allows to reach high presentations and firmly secured to the band head, the screw is designed for high effort as well as for the use of various tools in the press

Technical Features Clamp ASFA-S w2:
  • Tape and support: Stainless steel
  • X6Cr 17 (DIN 1.4016) (AISI-430)
  • Screw: Steel QST 36-3
  • Zinc DIN 1.0214

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Cotice: ASFA S Clamp w2

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