Glycerine Soap

Glycerine Soap

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Glycerine Soap

The glycerine soap is part of our guide disinfection products in the category of household disinfectants subcategory

Features & Benefits

• Soft-Formula: Formulated with ingredients that protect the dermis glycerin, its main component, gives softness and elasticity to the skin.

• Hypoallergenic:Dermatologically tested formula.

• Cash: Deep cleans without drying the skin.

• Suitable for Washing: Ideally formulated for regular washing. Instructions for use

• Wet your hands with water before applying soap.

• Operate the dispenser, applying a sufficient amount on hand.

• Rub hands vigorously, until the desired foam.

• Rinse hands with water. Dry thoroughly

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Cotice: Glycerine Soap

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