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Producto N° 18932

Flow control valve

 Dura Regulating Valve SV

The control valve SV tough part of our product guide category subcategory valves flow control valves

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Product Features:

• Immediately globe valve to control water tank level, end • Directly actuated by the float • Soft Board • Piston valve cylinder mower • The regulation of linear

• Final inspection test to EN 12266 (DIN 3230, Part 4) Materials and corrosion protection

• Body and bonnet of ductile cast iron EN - JS 1050 (GGG-50

• Body and seat piston valve stainless steel

• Guide and piston rod guide bushing bronze

• Bolts, nuts and stainless steel float,

• Stainless Steel Stem

• Piston Seal EPDM

• Inside and outside coated with epoxy Scope

• Operating temperature: 50 ° C

• To control the reservoir level, especially for the demands of the control features Linera Continue browsing our site so that more of our products quote

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