Detergent Cleaner

Detergent Cleaner

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Detergent Cleaner

The Detergent Cleaner Description:

This is a concentrated liquid acid detergent cleanser formulated for a triple action: Cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing effectively in any area that needs to be neat. It has the proper concentration of acid green, quaternary ammonium salts, surfactants, active oxygen, natural essences and green solvents quickly remove all dirt, lime, tartar, or other organic matter attached, sanitizes simultaneously destroying microorganisms that generate odors, eventually leaving a pleasant scent.

Besides serving as an effective sanitizer to control Gram positive, gram negative and fungi. Its aqueous formulation allows for rapid diffusion into the container or tank of waste (feces and urine), covering the solid material, facilitating their release into the liquid, thus masking unpleasant odors, leaving instead a pleasant fragrance.

It contains a dark blue dye which effectively hides the waste from the bathroom, working evenly at high dilutions. Counteracts odors at their source without danger of ignition.

The Detergent Cleaner  Recommended Use:

Recommended for routine use of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, floors, tubs, gutters, toilets, fixtures, etc.. Very effective for cleaning and deodorizing portable chemical toilets in means of transport such as buses, trains, boats, RVs, etc..

The Detergent Cleaner Application:

Shake container before applying for a homogeneous phase resconstituir. can be used diluted 1 part water for 5 for major works. For lighter dirt or to leave in a receptacle may be diluted 1 part water by 25. Applied by dipping or spraying, or pressure washer Huaipe.

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Cotice: Detergent Cleaner

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