Solvent Burn

Solvent Burn

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Solvent Burn

The Solvent Burn Description:

Liquid formulated based on oxygenated solvent and synthetic dye fuchsin. It is characterized by burning without smoke or residual odor left. Fruity odor, viscible in water and most organic solvents.

The Solvent Burn Recommended Use:

The product is mainly used in combustion burner, califonts, etc.. Keep closed containers in cool environments. The Solvent Burn Application: Product flammable, do not store or mix with strong oxidants such as liquid chlorine, concentrated oxygen. Do not handle or store near open flames, heat, sparks, requires adequate ventilation. It is irritating to skin and respiratory tract. Keep out of reach of children. Continue browsing our site so that more of our products quote

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Cotice: Solvent Burn

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