Thinner for Polyester

Thinner for Polyester

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Thinner for Polyester

The diluent for polyester is part of our listings of products in the category of chemicals subcategory chemical solvents

Description the Thinner for Polyester :

A clear liquid with mild odor. It is an oxygenated solvent, aromatic and aliphatic. It has a high solubility power for many resins, sweet odor and moderate flammability.

Recommended use Thinner for Polyester :

Use in place of methylene chloride and / or acetone in many cleaning applications resins. Effective in cleaning tools and machines used in elastomers, polyurethane, rubber, adhesives, acrylics, and epoxy. It is used by dipping or spraying, brush, brush or Huaipe for maintenance operations of parts and mechanical parts. Flammable liquid.

Application Thinner for Polyester :

Store in steel drums, plastic (polyethylene) or other compatible material. Stable under normal temperature and humidity. Precautions could be stored without auto-oxidation or hydrolysis.

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Cotice: Thinner for Polyester

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