Softener Equipment

Softener Equipment

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Softener Equipment

The softener equipment is part of our product guide water purification category of water softeners subcategory


Softeners operate on the principle of ion exchange resin that sequesters by calcium and magnesium ions, sodium ion-exchanging them with the objective of reducing water hardness and prevent buildup. Once saturated the resin, it produces the regeneration of the command of an automatic or semiautomatic head, using sodium chloride (salt) which replaces the ion exchanged to continue the softening process.

Equipment components:

  • Tank-fiber reinforced polypropylene.
  • Ion exchange resin.
  • Head of automatic and semiautomatic control for time or demand regeneration.
  • Brine valve Tank and polypropylene.
  • Tuber distributi

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Cotice: Softener Equipment

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