Electro Coagulation

Electro Coagulation

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 Electro-Coagulation is the process of destabilizing suspended, emulsified or dissolved contaminants in an aqueous medium by inducing an electrical current in to the medium. The electrical current provides the electromotive force to drive the chemical reactions. When reactions are driven or forced, the elements or compounds will approach the most stable state. Generally, this state of stability produces a solid that is either less colloidal and less emulsified (or soluble) than the compound at equilibrium values. As this occurs, the contaminants form hydrophobic entities that precipitate and can easily be removed by a number of secondary separation techniques. • Electro-Coagulation for Color removal, BOD, COD reduction. • Activated sludge Biological Process. • Fluidized Bed Biological Process. • Nano Filtration for Salt Recovery. • Caustic Recovery plants for Mercerizing plants. • Ultra-Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Process for Re-Cycling of waste water. • Sludge Management Systems. • Water softening and iron removal Filters. We invite to be a part f our portal Aguamarket where we offer and sale “ ELECTRO -COAGULATION“ and others products to quote and buy our products for water and more, also found more information like products, news, tender etc. Find the best prices on our site www.aguamarket.com

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