Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis System

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RO system is the only available option for Recycling and re-use of process waste water.

 After the Effective ETP ad Pre-treatments, the final outlet water is fed to the RO membrane system which gives the Permeate as a pure Re-useable water whit more than 95% salt rejection.

Poly-amide Low fouling membranes are used in RO system 90% of the feed water is recovered in the RO system

The system is installed with Automation for pressure, pH, ORP and Flushing and monitoring the Flow, pH and TDS in Feed, Permeate and Reject.

On line Dosing of Anti-Scalant, Anti Oxidant and Acid. De-Gassifier Tower is used to remove the Alkalinity and Bi-Carbonates in the Permeate Water before Re-Use Permeate water TDS is less than 100 mg/L, Hardness Nil, pH 6 - 6,5 Renewable Water source to save the environment

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