Sweetwater Belt Drive Regenerative Blowers

Sweetwater Belt Drive Regenerative Blowers

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Sweetwater® Belt-Drive Regenerative Blowers Aeration » Remote Drive Blowers » Sweetwater® Remote-Drive Regenerative blowers are almost as reliable as Sweetwater® motor-mounted electric blowers, but they offer the added benefits of variable performance and non-electric drives. They are designed to be bolted to a base and driven by belts. The power source can be an electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine or even hydro power. They are perfect for use in electrical emergencies or anywhere electric power is not available. Remote-drive blowers allow the user to vary performance by simply changing the engine speed or the pulley size. Ask an AES technician to calculate the pulley size for your application. Inlet air filters, flexible outlet hoses and double groove blower pulleys (sheaves) are included. Rotation is clockwise as you face the blower shaft. One-year warranty. Made in USA.

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