Sweetwater Fine Pore Diffusers

Sweetwater Fine Pore Diffusers

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Sweetwater Fine-Pore Diffusers Aeration » Fine Pore Oxygen & Ozone Diffusers » Sweetwater® fine-pore diffusers are the same high quality as our regular Sweetwater® diffusers. The difference is in the smaller pore size, which produces finer bubbles. Sweetwater® fine-pore diffusers do require higher pressure (about 5" H2O more) and more frequent cleaning than our regular pore diffusers, so they are not typically recommended for regular aeration. The bubble uniformity is excellent. The CP part numbers are fitted with CPVC for use with mild ozone concentrations. The SS part numbers are fitted with stainless steel for use with the strongest ozone. Made in USA.

Cotice: Sweetwater Fine Pore Diffusers

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