Drainage Pump H501

Drainage Pump H501

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Drainage Pump H501

The drainage pump is one pump resistant submersible drainage pump for pumping clear water or drainage water with abrasive sand or mud additives.

The drainage pump is used to pump surface water from sumps, subways and building sites, for supply of industrial water, applications on board ships etc.

The water jacket the drainage pump is cooled motor with the top discharge protects the motor against overheating even during sip operation.

Specifications Drainage Pump

  • Installation: Transportable or permanent. Models with float switch control for automatic pump operation, depending on liquid level in the sump.
  • Pumped liquid: Clear water or drainage water with abrasive (e.g. sand) solids.
  • Max. liquid temperature: 35°C, short term up to 60°C.
  • Operation: Intermittent
  • Discharge Size BSP 1 1/2 inches F
  • Max. Flow 11 l/s
  • Motor power P2 0,8 kW

Cotice: Drainage Pump H501

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