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Self Priming Pumps

Plunger Pump

The plunger pump is designed for heavy duty service in difficult sludge, suspension, transfer and metering applications. It is a positive displacement pump-priming that can pass solid objects up to 1-5 / 8 inch in diameter, rags, or entrained air.

The plunger pump is self-priming and can pump viscous fluids, well run dry

The plunger pump move heavy solids, sludge charged, typically found in treatment systems for municipal and industrial wastewater.


  • Primary sludge
  • Thickened Sludge
  • Waste activated sludge
  • Sludge transfer
  • Belt filter press feed
  • DAF float
  • Scum
  • Pulp and paper stock and pulp wastes
  • Food processing wastes and slurries from grains, fish, meat packing and cannery operations
  • Oil field production and refinery sludges


  • Self priming with ability to handle suction lifts and entrained gases
  • Positive displacement
  • Can run dry without damage
  • Flow rate is not system head dependent
  • Flow rate is not sludge concentration dependent
  • Positive metering
  • High volumetric efficiencies, 90% and higher
  • No critical tolerances
  • Flow rate consistent throughout life of pump
  • Easy clean out capability
  • Large internal clearances
  • Handles high solids concentrations
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Common replacement parts are easily accessible
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