Point Four Ultra Fine Bubble Diffusers

Point Four Ultra Fine Bubble Diffusers

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Point Four Ultra-Fine Bubble Diffusers Aeration » Fine Pore Oxygen & Ozone Diffusers » The original is still the best! These high-quality, resin-bonded, ceramic plate diffusers are recommended where pure gas, including oxygen and carbon dioxide, is to be used. They produce a cloud of ultra-fine bubbles, 100-500 microns in size, for excellent gas transfer. Fifty percent oxygen transfer at a depth of 4' is typical! Because of the small pore size, a minimum operating pressure of 25 psi is required. The diffusers are set in enamel-coated aluminum frames. Operating range is 25-50 psi. Guaranteed not to break if frozen. Two-year warranty. Made in Canada by Point Four Systems, Inc.

Cotice: Point Four Ultra Fine Bubble Diffusers

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