Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tubing

Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tubing

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Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tubing 

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This heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene tubing is kink-resistant and so durable that it is warranted for twenty years—yet is quite inexpensive. Specify this tubing for lake aeration systems, water piping and FAT CAT™ aeration systems where kink resistance is required. 

Factory Pressurized...your assurance that it is leak free.

Flexible piping is installed much faster than rigid pipe and comes in long lengths requiring fewer fittings. Each coil of this unique tubing has sealed ends and is factory pressurized at 10 psi. When a sealed end is cut off, pressurized air will blow out, indicating no leaks.

Long Lasting. Contains 2 percent carbon black for long-term UV protection. Uses insert fittings with hose clamps.

Note: Actual I.D. differs from nominal size. Only P200S, P200 and P250 are UPS-able. Made in USA.

Call for large quantity discounts.

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