HeavySet Weighted Air Tubing

HeavySet Weighted Air Tubing

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HeavySet™ Weighted Air Tubing, 5/8", 3/8" and 1/4"

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Our HeavySet™ tubing remains on the bottom when filled with air. The dark blue color makes it easy to hide. It is designed for lake and pond aeration, making installations fast, clean and neat! The 5/8" WD1 tubing I.D. is .625", O.D. is 1.125". Compatible with 5/8" "nominal" insert fittings and P200 "shore side" tubing. Requires SSB clamps, or solvent weld the PVC barb couplings. Ships exposed. Use the smaller 1/4" WD3 or 3/8" WD2 I.D. HeavySet™ tubing for smaller volumes of air, shorter distance or with higher pressure compressors where line loss is not important. The I.D. is .385" and is compatible with insert fittings. O.D. is .675" (use clamp SSA). Call for large quantity discounts. Made in USA.

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