Encendidos 50/60Hz Output voltage:25 KV peak

Encendidos 50/60Hz Output voltage:25 KV peak

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Features: Power supply and frequency:AC 220/240V,110V/240V, 110V or 240V, -50/60Hz with or without EMI filter customized frequency supply line voltage and spark enery Various fixing systems Spacer fine fixing system Screw fixing system Typical used on gas ovens Output voltage:25 KV peak Saprk frequency:single ,1,3 or 6 sparks per second Ambient operating temperature:-10°C to 120°C Power consumption:+/-3VA ignition current:5-8 MA* discharge distance:4~8 mm* Box material:PA66 +15% f.v. Vo Absorded supply:0.6VA working life: > 40000 turns

Cotice: Encendidos 50/60Hz Output voltage:25 KV peak

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