Paper Diffuser

Paper Diffuser

Producto n° 4941


"Paper" Diffuser Aeration » Air Diffuser Tubing » Excellent for shrimp culture. The XW "paper" diffuser is inexpensive, made of polyethylene, rolls flat for easy shipping and produces fine bubbles. It's compatible with regenerative blowers and has an airflow resistance of approximately 10" of H2O when new. Continuous lengths of up to 50' per inlet can be used. This diffuser is popular for shrimp larvae culture tanks and other applications where a long disposable diffuser is desired. The typical air flow rate is .1 to .5 cfm/ft. The AES Number is 6 per foot. I.D. is 7/8". Fits over 3/4" barb.

Cotice: Paper Diffuser

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