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We offer the AirSep line of oxygen generators. They are the most efficient and dependable line of PSA regenerative oxygen generators. The trouble-free design of the AirSeps helps them to last indefinitely if the minimum maintenance procedures are followed. Mechanical parts are kept to a minimum and, if a problem should occur, the operations manual and the video tape provided with each unit simplify any corrections that may be needed. They run automatically, supplying oxygen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is no need to replace membranes or molecular sieves, as they will last indefinitely if you provide this generator with clean, dry, compressed air.

OG20, OG45 and OG80 AirSep The larger AirSep oxygen generators have a maximum oxygen delivery pressure of 45 psi and all require dry, compressed air. The T60 Holding Tank is included. In most cases, you will also want an oxygen receiver tank and an oxygen pressure regulator. Ships motor freight.

OG12 AirSep Features a built-in air compressor, stands only 26" high and weighs 55 lbs. Its maximum oxygen delivery pressure is 9 psi. It only requires 4 amps at 120V, 60 Hz.

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