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Diffusers Aeration » Sweetwater Diffusers » Although the perfect diffuser–one that emits extremely fine bubbles, performs with no loss in pressure, weighs enough to hold itself down and never clogs–hasn’t been created yet, our high-quality Sweetwater® diffusers are as close to perfect as diffuser technology has come. With an air resistance of less than .25 psi, Sweetwater® glass-bonded diffusers are compatible with economical low-pressure blowers. Sweetwater® diffusers are the highest quality ceramic-type air diffusers on the market today. They're machined from a solid block of glass-bonded silica. Because dust and dirt particles up to 30 microns in size will pass right through these diffusers, there's no need for expensive air filters. They produce a uniform medium/fine bubble and are very resistant to clogging. And when cleaning does become necessary because of a buildup of calcium precipitate or bacteria, an acid bath restores them to like-new performance. Two-year guarantee. Made in USA. Sweetwater® - the Best With their round grain pore structure, low resistance to air flow, uniform porosity and resistance to clogging, Sweetwater® diffusers are clearly the best diffusers available for general aquaculture aeration. Smaller pores don't necessarily produce smaller bubbles. Sweetwater® diffusers are engineered to produce the smallest bubble possible within the constraints of a reasonable service life. In most soft water applications, they won't need to be cleaned for more than a year. Note that water pH in excess of 9.0 will shorten the diffuser life. Self-weighting when used with typical tubing lengths. Beware of Imitations Sweetwater® diffusers are the original 2,000°F glass-bonded silica diffusers introduced by AES in 1978. You may come across other diffusers that copy our sizes, descriptions and even our photos! But it takes more than flattering imitation to compete with the best. Look for the name and the two-year warranty. Compare Closely Buy one Sweetwater® brand and one Brand X and compare for diffusion uniformity and bubble size–the most important qualities of a diffuser. Also compare pressure, clogging rate and cleaning ability. Many of our customers are still using the same Sweetwater® diffusers they bought 12 years ago!

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