OPTIMASS 1000 flowmeter

OPTIMASS 1000 flowmeter

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OPTIMASS 1000 flowmeter

Mass flowmeter with twin straight measuring tubes Sensor for mass flow First choice for universal applications Best price-performance ratio Stainless steel measuring tubes Optimized flow divider Secondary pressure containment as Standard Optional heating jacket

The universal solution for the process industry OPTIMASS 1000 is the only sensor for mass flow in its class with secondary pressure containment as standard. OPTIMASS 1000 reliably measures mass flow of liquids and gases, concentration and density of liquids.

Highlights Innovative twin measuring tube Easily drained and easy to clean Regardless of type of installation and external factors Long working life Optimized flow divider for minimum pressure loss High accuracy with best price-performance ratio Modular electronics concept: electronics and sensor easy to replace Data redundancy: accurate plug & play replacement of electronics

Industries Petrochemistry Water & Wastewater Chemical Pharmaceutical Food & Beverage Paper & Pulp

Applications Suitable for all standard applications up to 130°C / 265°F With hygienic type process connections for food and pharmaceutical applications

Cotice: OPTIMASS 1000 flowmeter

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