Variable area flowmeter GA 24

Variable area flowmeter GA 24

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Variable area flowmeter GA 24 Heavy-duty flowmeter with rotating connections for liquids and gases The GA 24 is a flowmeter with glass metering cone that operates on the float measuring principle. The flowmeter is installed in a vertical pipe run with flow from bottom to top. The glass measuring cone allows direct indication of the flow value. Special features Large sight window allows visual control of the process fluid. Millimetre scale on the glass cone (cones G 13.11 to G 17.12: also in flow units). A replaceable scale in flow units can additionally be attached to the housing of flowmeters fitted with cones N 18.07 to N 51.21. The scale is calculated to the KROHNE calculation method in conformity with VDE/VDI 3513. The special instrument design allows cone replacement without removing the flowmeter from the pipe run. The GA 24 can be equipped with a maximum of two adjustable limit switches, also suitable for use in hazardous areas (intrinsically safe voltage supply required). This option can also be retrofitted by the user. The standard connections made of GG15 cast iron are also available with stainless steel or PVDF liner.

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