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Cotizar y Comprar DK 700 Miniature flowmeters Cotizar y Comprar DK 700 Miniature flowmeters

Producto N° 6365
DK 700 Miniature flowmeters with fine-adjusting needle valves ideal for analytical processes A new-style valve design allows the proportioning of ultra-low flow rates with an approximately linear control characteristic. The instrument is easy to install in switch panels. Clamp clip attachment on the rear of the instrument. In place of a scale on the measuring glass, types DK 701 and DK 711 have a scale in yellow print on a black face-plate. Types DK 702 and DK 712 feature a scale on the measuring glass and a face-plate of polycarbonate without a scale. Special version with a plastic valve made of PEEK mod material and gaskets of TFM/Kalrez; accordingly, all wetted parts are made of materials that are highly esistant to chemical attack. Special features Resistant to extreme chemical conditions Standard: all wetted parts of PVDF, glass, stainless steel and optional: PVDF, PEEK mod, glass, and TFM/Kalrez Suitable for products containing chlorine additives and in corrosive atmospheres Easy panel mounting 19" plug-in unit for DK 701 and DK 702 to DIN 41494 Part 5, 6 modules wide and 3 modules high replaceable measuring glasses Needle valve for fine adjustment Max. allowable operating pressure: 4 bar (58 psig) Max. allowable product temperature: 100°C (212°F) Measuring range: max. 1000 l/h (37 SCFH) air or 40 l/h (0.16 US GPM water) Option: 6 mm (0.24") PVDF flexible tube connection
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