Flowmeter DK 37 M8

Flowmeter DK 37   M8

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Flowmeter DK 37 / M8 All-metal miniature flowmeter DK 37 with optional electronic display (DK 37 M8E) or mechanical indicator (DK 37 M8M) DK 37 variable-area flowmeters are of rugged, all-metal construction and suitable for a wide variety of flowmetering applications. They are especially suitable for indicating the instantaneous flow value of liquids, gases and vapours. All flowmeters are equipped with a fine adjusting valve for precise setting of a specific flow value. The flowmeters operate on the float measuring principle, with flow from bottom to top. Technical features rugged corrosion-resistant metal measuring cone of stainless steel (CrNi) fine adjusting valve installed as standard in the bottom connection block (optionally: valve in top connection block) standard connection: 1/4" NPT connection of a differential pressure regulator possible slim design allows high packing density

Cotice: Flowmeter DK 37 M8

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