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Cotizar y Comprar Diffuser Manifolds  Cotizar y Comprar Diffuser Manifolds

Producto N° 6428
Diffuser Manifolds Aeration » Air Diffusers » Putting air diffusers in a round tank upsets the rotating, self-cleaning effect that makes round tanks with center drains so desirable. Here’s a solution! This six-diffuser manifold with deflector has been designed to induce circular flow in a round tank while adding oxygen and assisting the self-cleaning effect. It requires 4.5 cfm at 1.2 psi (34" H2O min) and will supply approximately .12 lbs/O2 /hour. It will connect directly to 1" PVC pipe and can be suspended over the side of tank to a depth of approximately 24" (standard length). The manifold is supplied with a ball valve for air control, a union for complete removal and six ALR23 diffusers. Ship weight 17 lbs. Made in USA.
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