EDI Replacement Membranes

EDI Replacement Membranes

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EDI Replacement Membranes Aeration » Air Diffusers » • Sizes available for most popular brands of disc and tube diffusers. • Proven superior performance in over 3,000 installations. • Tube membranes available by special order with any diameter, length, perforation and many polymer selections. EDI advanced technology replacement membranes are available for most brands of diffusers. The standard material is EPDM rubber. Polyurethane may be the material of choice for oily, fatty or chemical waste applications where temperatures are not excessive. For special applications, EDI can produce membranes from other polymers including Neoprene, nitrile or silicone. For assistance in selecting a membrane, please contact our wastewater department. Ecologix™, EDI FlexAir™, GVA™ and OTT™ replacement membranes are also available (please inquire). About 10" H2O pressure loss when clean.

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