Generation II Diffusers by Sweetwater

Generation II Diffusers by Sweetwater

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Generation II Diffusers by Sweetwater® Aeration » Air Diffusers » Perfect for custom manufacturing. Sweetwater® diffusers manufactured by AES quickly became and still remain the standard of the aquaculture industry for diffused air aeration. The Generation II series is the same glass-bonded diffuser that is so resistant to clogging. Generation II diffusers give the added flexibility of changing the air diffuser fittings in the field. All diffusers have 1/8 FNPT threads that accept MNPT fittings, either straight or elbows. Use tubing with a smaller I.D. to act as a valve, restricting the volume of air delivered to the diffuser. Use a larger I.D. tubing in applications where the tubing is long and/or too restrictive. To make the diffuser lie flat in deep water, use an elbow fitting and put a weight on the tubing to counteract its buoyancy.

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