Piston Compressor

Piston Compressor

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Piston Compressor Aeration » Compressors » These oilless piston-type, motor mounted air compressors are for those applications requiring higher pressures than are available from our vane type compressors. These 50-psi models deliver much more air than the 100-psi models normally found in the marketplace. Whether you're aerating a deep water lake, overcoming the friction loss of a long run of air piping, forcing air through a fine pore diffuser or filling up car tires, these compressors will provide a continuous supply of oil-free air. Price includes an 8' power cord (230V only), air filters, thermal overload protection and 50-psi pressure relief valve. Due to amp draw, 115V models do not have power cords. The PC4 looks like the PC3 shown, except it has a compressor on both ends of the motor. One-year warranty. Made in USA.

Cotice: Piston Compressor

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